Decentralising energy

Making renewable energy
universally accessible

Making renewable energy universally accessible

Chainge Energy is creating a scalable, distributed renewable energy network to provide electricity to millions in developing nations, built on a decentralised ownership model to engage a global community in the solution to energy poverty.

Huge Market Potential

Over 1.2bn people globally require access to modern energy services.

Designed to scale

Smart-grid infrastructure supports immediate demand, built for future consumer growth.

Sustainable future

Renewable energy supports long-term economic growth, minimising environmental impact.

It’s time for change

Building a brighter future

Nano grid infrastructure

Interconnected, grid-integrable PV
nano-grids provide point-of-source electricity for isolated communities, applying machine learning algorithms for grid-balancing on the distributed network.

Crypto payment integration

GridChain proof-of-stake consensus algorithm supports smart contract crypto-payment processing. Secure payments utilising cryptocurrency with underlying value.

Ready to build a better world?

Engage in the solution to energy equality.